Ceramic Black with White printable Panel mug 15oz

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Sublimation Blank
    • Category: Ceramic White printable Panel mug
    • Style: 15oz White Patch Mug
    • Material : Ceramic
    • Units: 1 / 12 /36


    Printing Instruction

    Particulars Celcius Fahrenheit
    Idle temperature  110 230
    Press temperature 170 340
    Time 70sec 70sec



    A favorite among sublimation customers, black mugs with white patch are bold, exceptionally modern and add a creative twist to mug customization. The convenient white patch makes sublimation possible and results in true to color, brilliant transfers. Get the look of a full colorful mug with an image transfer through sublimation printing. These mugs come with a white patch to imprint your image of choice does a good job at contrasting the design against the colorful finish of the mug. These mugs are coated with quality sublimation coating allowing images to be brighter and more vivid for printing beautiful full colors with sublimation and having sturdy walls for safe, durable use. With added advantage of dishwasher and microwave safe, our mugs are quality and food grade approved by SGS.