Glass Mason Jar- Frosted - 12 pack

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Sublimation blank
  • Category : Glass mug
  • SKU no: 001100
  • Finishing : matt
  • Material : Glass
  • Weight : 385g
  • Size : Height: 13 cm Diameter : 7.5 cm
  • Units per Case : 12 pcs
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Printing Instruction

Particulars Celsius Fahrenheit
Idle temperature 110 230
Press temperature 170 340
Time 70sec




Frosted glass mason jar comes with a screw cap and straw. The jar is well coated for sublimation printing of your beautiful designs and images. Designed beautifully,the mason Jar makes any beverage more fun to drink but they're more than fun - they're practical, too. This Frosted, glass drinking jar has a smooth, curved handle and is perfect for serving sodas, beer, iced tea, lemonade and more! These mugs are sublimation coated mugs that are compatible with the dye-sublimation printing process,