Ceramic 3 Tone Mug - Light Green - 11oz

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    • Category: Colored Inside and Handle Mug
    • Style: 3 Tone - Light Green - 11oz
    • Material : Ceramic
    • Units:  1 / 12 / 36pcs
    • 12 and 36 packs include shipping



    Color inside handle color mugs are perfect when you need to match images and themes to the color of the mug. These vibrant mugs are also known as Three-Tone Mugs. Add flare to the standard white mug with an accent of color on the inside with the most popular size and high selling sublimation mug. The sublimation-ready surface allows full-color and full-wrap image reproduction on the bright white outer surface making it attractive. These mugs are coated with our super white sublimation coating allowing images to be brighter and more vivid for printing beautiful full colors with sublimation having sturdy walls for safe, durable use. With added advantage of dishwasher and microwave safe, our mugs are quality and food grade approved by SGS.