Scotch / Whiskey Glass - 12 pack

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Sublimation Blank
  • Category : Glass mug
  • SKU no: 001101
  • Finishing : Gloss
  • Style: 11oz
  • Material : Glass
  • Weight : 310g
  • Size :  7.5x9cm approx
  • Units: 12 pcs
  • Includes shipping


Printing Instruction

For Single Stage Press - 400F for 120 seconds

For Dual Stage Press -

Particulars Celsius Fahrenheit

Idle temperature

110 230
Press temperature 170 340
Time 70sec




Take your business to the next level with Sublimation Whiskey Glasses specifically coated for sublimation printing. The smooth glass finish helps bring out the most subtle color and detail Each is finely-crafted from high quality material for a unique presentation sure to gain attention. Glassware offer an interesting alternative to standard white sublimation mugs. These have the same quality sublimation coating as White mugs and are of high quality, dishwasher safe (top rack) and microwave safe, for sublimation printing only. You can use the sublimation surface to create glasses with beautiful imagery or business logos.